TikTok and what every marketer should know about it

What could have made you want Buy tiktok likes? Most probably because of hearing about TikTok, a social media app allows users to create and share a video clip that is 15 seconds long. The following are what you should know about TikTok as a marketer:

It is no longer just for kids

TikTok has its roots from a lip-syncing app, musical.ly, which was acquired by ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, in 2017 for one billion USD. Musical.ly was famous for teenagers. The reputation has endured even after the merger was done, and it is understood why it is so.

Out of the popular social media app, TikTok is the youngest user base. It is believed that it is thought to; two-thirds of its users worldwide are under the age of 30 years. But when you browse the app, it will reveal that a growing number of adults are joining the platform.

The demographic shift could be like Facebook, which first started as a social media for college-going students. And Snapchat began as a choice for a teenager. Speaking generally, most technological platforms are first embraced by the youth before the adults join en masse.  Thus, it would be unwise to believe that TikTok is for the youth just because it is starting, and most of its audience is the youth.

Comedy is what rules TikTok

Though music is the main thing at TikTok, the platform no longer restricts content related to music. The significant volume and a variety of the available videos have made TikTok be a never-ending spectacle.  During a 60 second scroll, you will be exposed to parkour moves that are hair raising remixes of popular memes, cooking tutorials, and stand-up comedy.

But you will also come across a particular trait which all of them share; comedy. When you look at the most viewed videos, commended and liked, you will find out that there is a correlation between funny and the video becoming viral.

TikTok has become a house of alternative, edgy comedy – just like its predecessor, the Vine. From the standpoint of marketing, humor tends to be a powerful tool when connecting with consumers on an emotional level. If you are thinking of using TikTok, you will need to show your company’s emotional side. It will help you build a more incredible culture, consumer trust, and cognitive salience when you do so.

No need to use filters

TikTok is known to be a social media network for ordinary people. The type whom you would encounter at work or in school. The ascent of the platform denotes a rejection of the highly polished Instagram contrived aesthetic.

If you compare with Instagram, then TikTok feels like a candid selfie. The influencers are the regular teenagers who have millions of followers just in the comfort of their homes. When on TikTok, young people tend to feel like they are exhibiting full selves.

The app serves free, island form of the modern aspects of the internet culture. It is a throwback to the early days of the web.