The best time to buy your lottery tickets

Don’t give up

Sometimes, all it takes is one win for people to get hooked and decide that this lotto thing might not be so hard after all.

The goal of making money from lottery tickets isn’t just about getting rich, but rather more like paying yourself first instead of investing with other peoples’ money and having any real chance of being successful at things like retirement planning (wherein the government usually gets more than enough of their tax dollars for what they need to be doing).

Buy tickets in the morning

For whatever reason, tickets bought during the morning tend to be a better choice than buying them come to the end of the day when people might run out of money and then have little else to do but play games with their few remaining lottery bucks. This isn’t too surprising, as you probably are more focused on winning things like cash or valuable prizes first thing in the day.

In contrast, at night, you’re more willing to settle for something less awesome because it’s easier and you’re tired already from watching TV all evening long.

Not only that, but if there are two weeks left till lotto drawing time (and an extra week added for good measure), then that means that you could win the whole thing right away and have its pay-out two days faster than if you bought tickets later on at night when everyone’s tired anyway. gives you intel on this topic.

People should consider playing one or two tickets every single day, even if it’s just for something five bucks each. This way, the player can play it safe while still getting some small wins that add up over time rather than going for the big one and missing out altogether.